Nature Survey – Marmalade Hoverfly

Helped by the Local Nature Reserves’ Officer, the Castle Bromwich Youth & Community Partnership spent a gloriously sunny afternoon observing and recording wildlife in the graveyard.

One of the species discovered was the Episyrphus balteatus (marmalade hoverfly). It is small – approximately 10mm long – and has an orange parallel-sided abdomen with narrow black bands. Hoverfly larvae are aphid predators – they are important biological control agents of aphid pests and also help to pollinate flowers.

E. balteatus can be identified by the  black bands on the 3rd and 4th tergites (dorsal plates) of the abdomen. The posterior margins of these tergites are heavily banded with black, but towards the anterior margins are the smaller, often broken bands.

A further identification character is provided by the faint, grey, dorsal stripes running longitudinally on the thorax – not always easily identifiable.

This year there seems to be an extremely large number of this species, probably due to an influx from Europe.

Other species identified:

Grid ref: SP 141 899


Date: 03:08:11


Species identification


Holly blue Butterfly

Celastrina argiolus – Holly blue butterfly reference


Red Admiral Butterfly

Vanessa atalanta – Red Admiral reference



Speckled Wood

Pararge aegeria – Speckled Wood reference


Large White

Pieris brassicae -Large White reference


Small White

Pieris rapae – Small White reference


Pine Ladybird

Exochomus 4-pustulatus – Pine Ladybird reference


Cream-spot Ladybird

Calvia 14-guttata – Cream-Spot Ladybird reference


Harlequin Ladybird

Harmonia axyridis – Harlequin Ladybird reference





2 Spot Ladybird

Adalia 2-punctata – 2 spot Ladybird reference


Snake Millipede

Tachypodoiulus niger – Snake Millipede reference


Mealy bug

Pseudococcidae – Mealy bug reference


Frog Hopper

Cercopoidea – Frog Hopper reference


Brown Lacewing

Hemerobiidae Brown Lacewing reference


Rough Woodlouse

Porcellio scaber – Rough Woodlouse reference


Hawthorn Shield Bug

Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale – Hawthorn Shield Bug reference


Crab Spider species


Red Ant species


Black Ant species


Garden Snail

Helix aspersa – Garden Snail Reference


Pale Lipped Snail

Cepaea Hortensis – Pale lipped Snail reference


Discus Snail

Endodontidae – Discus Snail reference


Moss Snail

Cochlicopa lubrica – Moss Snail reference


Mosquito species


Green Fly species


Marmalade Fly

Episyrphus balteatus – Marmalade Fly reference


Common Wasp

Vespula Vulgaris – Common Wasp Reference



Bombus – Bumblebee reference


Brown Banded Carter Bee

Bombus pascuorum – Brown Banded Carter Bee reference


Cuckoo Bumblebee

Bombus campestris – Cuckoo Bumblebee reference


Buff-tailed Bumblebee

Bombus terrestris – Buff-tailed Bumblebee reference


Red Tailed Bumblebee

Bombus lapidarius – Red tailed Bumblebee reference


Eupeodes Hoverfly

eupeodes sp. – Eupeodes Hoverfly reference


Scaeva Hoverfly

Scaeva pyrasti – Scaeva Hoverfly reference



Erithacus rubecula reference



Troglodytes troglodytes – Wren reference


Blue tit

Cyanistes caeruleus – Blue tit reference










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