Reaching out from Beyond the Grave

Even eighty-four years after his death, Castle Bromwich residents are still indebted to the influence and philantrophy of Alderman Thomas Clayton. The businessman and local dignitary was one of the founding partners of Canal Carriers and boat builders Fellows, Moreton and Clayton. After hearing that the graveyard containing his final resting place was in dire need of a water supply, British Waterways donated a water bollard to ensure that the elderly visitors would no longer have to bring water from home.Volunteer members of the Castle Bromwich Community Project and Castle Bromwich & District Lions installed the water bollard and restored water to the graveyard during the fisrt weekend in March.

A spokes person for the Castle Bromwich Community Project said, ” We are very grateful to the nine volunteers who helped us to install the water bollard which is going to make things a great deal easier for the elderly residents who visit the graveyard.”

The graveyard is steeped in history and lies within the Castle Bromwich conservation area close to the unique St Mary & St Margaret Church and Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens.

Slideshow showing volunteers installing water bollard

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