Gravestone Inscriptions

FRANCISIn memory of ALEXANDER FRANCIS. May the water from this tap help to soften the grief of those whose loved ones now lie buried in this little Churchyard.
STEVENSIn loving memory of my dear wife ELSIE STEVENS who fell asleep July 6th 1958 aged 45 years. Bowl inscribed: GERALD1958C1
FLETCHERGERTRUDE FLETCHER died 21st May 1949, aged 66 years.1949C1
FLETCHERALFRED FLETCHER died 1st December 1948, aged 63 years.1948C1
SPEARSIn loving memory of EMILY GERTRUDE SPEARS, died August 9th 1942.1942C1
SPEARSAlso HORACE LLOYD SPEARS died September 3rd 1946.1946C1
SPEARSAlso HILDA MARGARET SPEARS died November 20th 1946.1946C1
TURNERIn loving memory of CAROLINE the beloved wife of CHARLES TURNER who fell asleep March 21st 1954 aged 73 years.1954B1
TURNERAlso her beloved husband CHARLES C T TURNER who fell asleep December 8th 1958 aged 77 years. Reunited.1958B1
MEREDITHIn loving memory of GEORGE MEREDITH died January 16th 1945 aged 70 years.1945B1
FLETCHERIn loving memory of JAMES EDWARD FLETCHER who passed away March 16th 1962, aged 82 years.1962A1
FLETCHERAlso MABEL the beloved wife of JAMES EDWARD FLETCHER who passed away February 14th 1959, aged 68 years.1959A1
In loving memory of ANNIE who passed away January 17th 1954 aged 73 years.
(Inscribed on Fletcher headstone).
SWIFTTo the dear memory of ALBERT SWIFT beloved husband of EDITH fell asleep 6th December 1953 aged 72 years.1953B1
SWIFTAlso of EDITH CHARLOTTE SWIFT wife of ALBERT who died 27th December 1965 aged 84 years.1965B1
KATHLEEN MARGARET aged 5 months.
HURSTAffectionate memories of my dear wife MARY ANN HURST who entered into rest 21st January 1953 aged 79 years.1953B1
HURSTAnd of JOSEPH HURST beloved husband of MARY ANN who died 11th August 1964 aged 90 years. Reunited.1964B1
GARETTIn loving memory of SAM the beloved husband of BEATRICE MARY GARETT who passed away April 24th 1954 aged 74 years.1954B1
WESTAnd ALICE WEST who fell asleep July 26th 1944 aged 32 years. RIP
(Inscribed on GARETT headstone.)
WHITEIn loving memory of ROLAND ARTHUR WHITE who died September 7th 1944 aged 52 years.1944B1
CLISSOLDIn loving memory of ALFRED HENRY the beloved husband of ELLEN E CLISSOLD who passed away January 27th 1946 aged 67 years.1946B1
CLISSOLDAlso his beloved wife ELLEN ELIZA who died September 10th 1973 aged 93 years. Reunited.1973B1
MAYOIn loving memory of ALICE the beloved wife of WILLIAM ARTHUR who died March 1st 1946 aged 77 years.1946B1
PALMERIn everlasting memory of ERNEST PALMER who fell asleep 18th January 1946 aged 51 years.1946A1
PALMERAnd his wife MABEL PALMER who died 7th March 1978 aged 80 years. Together in Christ1978A1
MOULDIn memory of THOMAS MOULD who died April 9th 1859 aged 67 years.1859C1
BROOKHOUSEAffectionate remembrance of JAMES BROOKHOUSE who departed this life July 20th 1862 aged 66 years.1862C2
BROOKHOUSEAlso of SARAH wife of the above who departed this life December 30th 1862 aged 61 years. They looked well to the ways of their household and eat not the bread of idleness. Proverbs Chapter 31 verse 27.1862C2
BATEMANALEXANDER BATEMAN died December 6th 1862 aged 13 months1862B2
BATEMANMARY MARGARET BATEMAN died June 1st 1869 aged 45 years.1869B2
BATEMANMARY ETTE BATEMAN died October 14th 1869 aged 19 years.1869B2
BATEMANJOHN JOSEPH BATEMAN died April 27th 1886 aged 31 years.1886B2
BATEMANMABEL MARIA BATEMAN died October 11th 1895 aged 34 years.1895B2
BATEMANJOHN JONES BATEMAN died JUne 13th 1903 aged 85.1903B2
BATEMANMARY ANN BATEMAN died November 23rd 1910 aged 82.1910B2
BATEMANMARY ANN EMMA BATEMAN died November 20th 1913 aged 61.1913B2
FOWLERKATE EDITH FOWLER died May 7th 1923 aged 65 years.1923B2
BATEMANELLEN BATEMAN died July 11th 1924 aged 71.1924B2
BATEMANCHARLES EDWARD BATEMAN F.R.I.B.A. died 5th August 1947 aged 84 years.1947B2
FLINTTreasured memories of SARAH ROSETTA the beloved room of EDWIN H FLINT who died February 21st 1946 aged 48 years.1946B2
FLINTAlso of her dear husband EDWIN HIRAN who died February 3rd 1970 aged 70 years. Reunited.1970B2
POINTERIn loving memory of our dear mother SARAH POINTER who passed away January 13th 1946 aged 83 years. At rest.1946A2
MORRISTreasured memories of ALFRED HENRY the beloved husband of IVY MORRIS who died February 5th 1946 aged 51 years. Bowl inscribed DAD.1946A2
MAUGERIn affectionate remembrance of my dearest friend ALICE SUSAN MAUGER who departed this life February 17th 1946 aged 54 years. RIP.1946A2
CRISPIn loving memory of WILLIAM CRISP who fell asleep suddenly 6th April 1942 aged 67 years. Rest after labour.1942A2
CRISPAlso ELIZABETH ELLEN beloved wife of the above who passed peacefully away 3rd November 1947 aged 74 years. At rest with Jesus.1947A2
BAGGSacred to the memory of JOHN BAGG who died July 28th 1847 aged 75 years.1847B2
BAGGAlso of SARAH wife of above JOHN BAGG who died December 27th 18?? aged 81 years.B2
KEMPSONIn loving memory of EDWIN KEMPSON MA. for 51 years Minister of Castle Bromwich died January 29th 1878 aged 78 years. Sacred to the memory of EDWIN KEMPSON MA for 6 years Curate and 45 years incumbent of this parish. Born 1st September 1799 died 26th January 1878.1878A2
KEMPSONIn memory of MARGARET ADELPHIA KEMPSON died December 27th 1857 aged 24 years. MARGARET ADELPHIA their second daughter born 30th October 1833 died 27th December 1857. Looking unto Jesus.1857A2
KEMPSONMARY his wife born 29th September 1800 died 21st November 1891.1891A2
SMALLWOODHere lies the remains of JOHN SMALLWOOD who died 5th day of October 1857 aged 79 years.1857
SMALLWOODJOSEPH SMALLWOOD died April 4th 1860 aged 83.1860
SMALLWOODMARY SMALLWOOD died June 25th 1863 aged 70 years.1863
SMALLWOODSARAH MARGARET SMALLWOOD wife of JOSEPH SMALLWOOD of Stechford Hall died October 7th 1869 aged 49.1869
SMALLWOODERNEST EDWARD SMALLWOOD their youngest son died December 27th 1897 aged 38.Stories Behind the Headstones – Sad Death of an Actor1897
SMALLWOODROBERT SMALLWOOD of Castle Bromwich died January 7th 1901 aged 75 Years.1901
SMALLWOODEDITH MARIA SMALLWOOD wife of ROBERT SMALLWOOD died October 16th 1909 aged 73.1909
SMALLWOODSARAH SMALLWOOD died January 20th 1911 aged 87.1911
SMALLWOODJOSEPH SMALLWOOD of Stechford Hall died September 2nd 1911 aged 89.1911
SMALLWOODANNE SMALLWOOD died December 4th 1920 aged 87.1920
SMALLWOODROSALIND wife of JOHN SMALLWOOD born 17th March 1842 died 13th January 1924.1924
SMALLWOODJOHN RUSSELL SMALLWOOD who died September 16th 1933 aged 67.MALLWOOD1933
SMALLWOODHENRY WILLOUGBY SMALLWOOD died March 18th 1934 aged 82.1934
BLANSHARDIn loving memory of our dear baby ELAINE BLANSHARD who fell asleep February 18th 1950 aged 4 months.1950
BANHAMMy dearly loved husband JOSEPH BANHAM June 4th 1952 aged 55 years.1952
UPTONAlso my dear mother JANE UPTON March 23rd 1945 aged 78 years.A gallant gentleman meets a brave lady.1945
BANHAMMINNIE GERTRUDE dearly beloved wife of JOSEPH BANHAM died 6th August 1981 aged 81 years.1981
BENTLEYIn loving memory of DORIS BENTLEY died 1st May 1978 daughter of JOSEPH BANHAM.1978
BLEWITTIn memory of ELIZABETH wife of JOHN BLEWITT of Castle Bromwich who died November 3rd 1845 in the 29th year of her age.1845
BLEWITTAlso the above JOHN BLEWITT who died May 12th 1879 in the 71st year of his age. Respected, beloved, lamented.1879
WHITESacred to the memory of BENJAMIN WHITE who departed this life September 8th 1838 aged 78 years.1838
POWERIn loving memory of WILLIAM CHARLES POWER who passed away 18th November 1949 aged 63 years.1949
JOHNSONAnd his daughter NELLIE (HELEN) JOHNSON who fell asleep 18th February 1961 aged 36 years.1961
POWERAlso his wife VIOLETTA who passed away 20th November 1972 aged 84 years.1972
HOLTHAMHILDA HOLTHAM died September 1st 1919 aged 9 weeks.1919
NICHOLLSIn loving memory of my beloved husband FREDERICK HAROLD NICHOLLS died September 18th 1951 aged 53 years.1951
FINNEYIn loving memory of my dear father TOM FINNEY who fell asleep 10th December 1949 aged 67 years.1949
SADLERSacred to the memory of MARIA wife of JAMES SADLER of Wood End who departed this life August 20th 1823 aged 7? years.1823
FOXIn affectionate remembrance of EDWIN MOSELEY FOX who entered into his rest January 24th 1876 aged 66 years.1876
FOX Also CAROLINE wife of the above who entered into her rest September 2nd 1884 aged 69 years.1884
FOXIn loving memory of CHARLES K FOX youngest son of the above who was lost at sea ? 1868 in the 22nd year of his age.1868
FOXSacred to the memory of JOHN FOX late of Dordon in this county who departed this life 22nd September 1829 aged 64 years.1829
FOXAlso ANN his wife who died May 2nd 1842 aged 71 years.1842
Also in loving memory of CAROLINE born 1790/6? died May 2nd 1872.1872
FOXAlso ANN WENDEN FOX born November 1st 1799/2? died February 22nd 1887. Sleeping in Jesus.1887
COOPERIn memory of MARTHA COOPER wife of THOMAS COOPER who died October 11th 1830 aged 83 years.1830
COOPERSacred to the memory of SUSANNAH the beloved daughter of JOSEPH and ANN COOPER of this place aged 8 years who died August 16th 1838.1838
COOPERAlso EMMA COOPER who died September 26th 1846 aged 21 years.
How loved, how valued once, avails them not.
COOPERAlso JOSEPH COOPER who departed this life February 22nd 1867 aged 72 years.1887
COOPERAlso ANN wife of the above who departed this life November 26th 1870 aged 73 years. 1870
LEAKEIn loving memory of HENRY LEAKE died 16th February 1881 aged 34 years.1881
LEAKEAlso of ERNEST LEAKE of Castle Bromwich died 12th February 1970 aged 80 years.Thy will be done. Laid to rest.1970
LEAKEANNIE BLODWEN LEAKE died 20th November 1982 aged 74 years. Reunited.1982
SINGLETONIn loving memory of CHARLES SINGLETON beloved husband of CHARLOTTE PHOEBE died 17th March 1951 aged 66 years.1951
SINGLETONAlso of his devoted wife CHARLOTTE PHOEBE died 18th January 1968 aged 81 years.1968
In loving memory of JESSIE from Grandma. (Bowl only)
CHATWINIn loving memory of our dear brother WILLIAM ALBERT CHATWIN who died July 12th 1946 aged 48 years. Rest in peace. Stone vase inscribed "BILLY".1946
BIRCHIn loving memory of my dear wife BEATRICE BIRCH who died August 5th 1946 aged 54 years.1946
BIRCHAlso of her dear husband ALFRED who died July 5th 19711971
NETTLESIn loving memory of ELSIE NETTLES beloved wife of STANLEY died 7th May 1950 aged 40 years.1950
HUNTTo the dear memory of BEN HUNT dearly loved husband of EDITH died 14th April 1947 aged 66 years.1947
MILLWARDIn loving memory of WILLIAM MILLWARD who passed away 14th December 1947.1947
MILWARD Also of his devoted wife ELIZABETH who died 5th November 1974.1974
KNIGHTSacred to the memory of ELIZABETH KNIGHT who departed this life July 23rd 1815 aged 75 years.1815
FOXAlso of MARY FRANCES who died May 4th 1874 aged 33 years the beloved wife of HENRY HANCORNE FOX.1874
FOXAlso of ALFRED FOX beloved husband of ALICE MARY who died January 2nd 1934 aged 61 years. Footstone E.K.1815 F.M.F. 1871 A.F. 19341934
SMITHIn memory of SCOTT SMITH late of Castle Bromwich who died 11th November 1811 aged 63 years.1811
SMITHAlso of MARY SMITH widow of THOMAS SMITH late of the same place who died 20th March 1813 aged 89 years.1813
SMITHELEANOR OLIVE SMITH wife of the above who died January 2nd 1821 aged 74 years.1821
SMITHAlso of ANN SMITH daughter of the above THOMAS and MARY SMITH late of thi splace who died March 25th 1828 aged 75 Years.1828
BELWARDTreasured memories of JEANNIE beloved wife of CHARLES E BELWARD who passed away September 3rd 1947. Ever in our thoughts.1947
BELWARDAlso of CHARLES E BELWARD who passed away March 27th 1956. At Rest.1956
NUTTIn loving memory of dear PAULINE ANN daughter of FREDERICK and GLADYS NUTT fell asleep June 26th 1943. Bowl inscribed "Our darling Pauline."1943
ROGERSSacred to the memory of STEPHEN ROGERS who departed this life June 22nd ? aged 78 years.
ROGERSAlso SARAH wife of the above who departed this life February 9th 1938 aged 84 years.1938
BRINTONIn loving memory of my dear wife EDITH ELLEN BRINTON who fell asleep July 13th 1950 aged 62 years.1950
BRINTONAlso her beloved husband JOHN JAMES who passed peacefully away February 9th 1955 aged 71 years.1955
COTRELLWILLIAM COTRELL born July 1790 died December 11th 18671867
GRIFFINIn memory of THOMAS GRIFFIN formerly of Kidderminster who died 7th July 1886 aged 73.1886
WEBBIn loving memory of EDNA WINIFRED WEBB beloved wife of JACK and dear mother of JOHN died 22nd November 1956 aged 47 years.1956
ROWLEYHere rest in hope of a joyful resurrection the remains of RICHARD ROWLEY who died 1st March 1865 aged 68 years.
Weep not for me my children dear, I am not dead, but sleeping here. My glass is spent, my grave you see, prepare yourselves to follow me.
Footstone inscribed R.R.1865.
ROWLEYAlso MARY the beloved wife of the above who died January 21st 1871 aged 79 years.1871
WOODHOUSEHAROLD EVERTON WOODHOUSE beloved husband of LIZZIE who died October 24th 1945 aged 54 years. Peace Perfect Peace.1945
WOODHOUSEAlso his beloved wife LIZZIE who died September 24th 1950 aged 64 years.1950
PARRYSacred to the memory of WILLIAM PARRY who departed this life March 15th 1842 aged 35 years.1842
PARRYAlso MARTHA wife of the above who departed this life February 1st 1843 aged 32 years.
Calm was their ? from this troubled life, a loving husband and a virtuous wife. Pease to their shade, may praise attend their name, such are the favours that their virtues claim. They sleep till Jesus call them hence away.
COOPERIn affectionate remembrance of CHARLES COOPER who departed this life June 15th 1866 aged 88 years.1866
COOPERAlso HANNAH wife of the above departed this life December 31st 1869 aged 89 years.1869
COOPERAlso CHARLES COOPER eldest son of the above who died ? 1882.1882
COOPER? widow of the above who fell asleep September 9th 1893 aged 76 years.1893
WOOLWARDIn loving memory of JAMES WILLIAM beloved husband of PEARL WOOLWARD who died September 25th 1945 aged 52 years. At rest.1945
REYNOLDSELIZA wife of HAROLD REYNOLDS who died ?? 1858.1858
REYNOLDSAlso of AMY JANE their fifth daughter who died December 4th 1873 aged 17.1873
REYNOLDSAlso of ELIZA eldest daughter who died June 1895 aged 55.1895
HESKETHIn loving memory of my dear husband LEONARD HESKETH who died June 16th 1952 aged 42 years. Bowl inscribed: Goodnight Daddy.1952
EVERETTSafe in the arms of Jesus - Treasured memories of our dear baby who fell asleep April 25th 1943.1943
HARVEYIn loving memory of a dear husband and father EDWARD HARVEY who died May 12th 1954 aged 68 years.1954
HARVEYNELLIE HARVEY devoted wife of GEORGE EDWARD and a beloved mother who died August 27th 1968 aged 81 years.1968
BONDIn loving memory of WALTER HENRY BOND who died 22nd July 1954 aged 67 years.1954
BONDAlso FLORENCE his beloved wife who died 13th April 1956 aged 68 years.1956
JONESIn loving memory of BRENDA WINIFRED JONES who passed away 26th September 1947 aged 26 years. At rest. Loves last gift - remembrance.
To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die. From husband Norman, Mom, Dad and family.
DAVISAlso WINIFRED OLIVE DAVIS beloved wife of ARTHUR and mother of BRENDA died January 19th 1966 aged 75 years.1966
DAVISAlso ARTHUR beloved husband of WINIFRED DAVIS and father of BRENDA died June 6th 1952 aged 64 years. 1952
COXSacred to the memory of FRANK COX who fell asleep July 22nd 1942 aged 78 years.1942
COXAlso his beloved wife MARY ANN COX who fell asleep November 11th 1949 aged 93 years. Reunited.1949
MITCHELLSacred to the memory of JOHN MITCHELL who departed this life April 14th 1854 aged 71 years.
Afflictions sore long time I bore, Physicians were in vain, till God did ease and Christ did please to take my pain away.
MITCHELLAlso MARTHA wife of the above, who died February 13th 1887 aged 68 years. Thy will be done.1887
WEBBIn loving memory of MARY beloved wife of THOMAS WEBB died 23rd November 1936 aged 66 years.
God knew that she was tired and did what he thought best.
WEBBAlso her dear husband THOMAS died January 1st 1946 aged 77 years.1946
HERINSHAW-WEBBSacred to the memory of HUGH HERINSHAW WEBB who departed this life March 12th 1856 aged 33 years.
Farewll loved partner of my youthful breast, now past the reach of sorrow to select - Who can forget thy tenderness so kind I still have much to bring it to my mind. Farewell! Enter the joys of bliss divine and wear a crown of glory over thine.
HERINSHAWSacred to the memory of MARY the wife of HUGH HERINSHAW who departed this life 24th May 18?? aged 50 years.
In action prudent and in word sincere, in friendship faithful and in honour clear, through life's vain scenes, the sane in every part, a steady judgement and an honest heart.
HERINSHAWAlso to the memory of ELIZABETH ANN only daughter of the above HUGH and MARY HERINSHAW and wife of WILLIAM WEBB who departed this life aged 45(?) years. 11th April 1827.1827
HERINSHAWDied 2nd January 1830 when aged 76 years, the above HUGH HERINSHAW departed this life.1830
WEBBAlso of WILLIAM son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH WEBB. He died the 2nd day of December 183? aged 7 years.
WATERSIn loving memory of ANNIE WATERS who passed away suddenly 13th January 1955 aged 84 years.1955
WARDIn affectionate remembrance of WILLIAM DUDLEY ESSINGTON son of ALBERT WARD and SARAH JANE his wife who departed this life on 29th JUne 1869.
Killed by a horse our dear loved son now numbered with the dead. His gentle spirit once our joy hath to our Father fled. Hold him Father in thy arms and let him henceforth be a messenger of love between our human hearts and thee.
WARDIn loving memory of HENRY WARD who died May 14th 1906 Berkswell late of Hodge Hill.
Life was desired but God did see that eternal rest was best for thee.
WARDIn affectionate remembrance of DOUGLAS WARD sixth son of the late WILLIAM WARD Esq. of Shaw Hill House who was accidently shot on the 4th October 1858 in the 20th year of his age.Fatal Gun Accident Castle Bromwich

WARDIn affectionate remembrance of CAROLINE relict of the late WILLIAM WARD Esq. of Shaw Hill House who departed this life 8th March 1871 aged 66 years.1871
COPESTAKEIn loving memory of GEORGE the beloved husband of EMILY FLORENCE COPESTAKE who died September 9th 1936 aged 71 years.1936
COPESTAKEAlso his beloved wife EMILY FLORENCE who died April 17th 1958
WHILTONIn affectionate remembrance of ANN the beloved wife of GEORGE WHILTON of Castle Bromwich who departed this life Auu. 18?? 84 years.
WHILTONAlso GEORGE WHILTON who departed this life ? 1871 aged 83.1871
WHILTONAlso CHARLES JOSEPH son of the above died ?? aged 30 years ??? June
KINGSacred to the memory of MARY beloved wife of THOMAS KING who departed this life January 12th 1866 in the 66th year of her age.1866
KINGTHOMAS KING July 16th 1868 79 years of his age.1868
KINGIn memory of ANN KING who died January 5th 1875 aged 10 months.1875
KINGAlso JANE KING mother of the above who died February 25th 1876 aged 35 years.1876
KINGAlso EDMUND KING who died August 22nd 1912 aged 69 years.1912
JORDANIn loving memory of our beloved son PETER EDWARD JORDAN who fell asleep October 3rd 1946 aged 24 years. Loves last gift - remembrance.1946
DAVISIn loving memory of BERNARD THOMAS DAVIS RAF. Beloved husband of MARY and cherished son of FLORENCE and BERNARD. Died 30th January 1940 aged 32 years.1940B4
DAVISIn fondest memory of BERNARD WALTER DAVIS, beloved husband of FLORENCE DAVIS died April 10th 1946 aged 63 years. 1946B4
DAVISAlso in memory of VALENTINE ARTHUR DAVIS killed in action 27th July 1941 aged 21 years.1941B4
MORRELLIn sacred and loving memory of ETHEL MARY MORRELL who died July 19th 1942 aged 32 years. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.1942B4
MORRELLAlso HERBERT MORRELL 1879-1946. Dearly loved husband of ETHEL FLORENCE and father of ETHEL MARY.1946B4
MORRELLETHEL FLORENCE MORRELL wife of HERBERT MORRELL and mother of MARY, died January 10th 1964 aged 80 years. Reunited.1964B4
BARTONIn affectionate remembrance of SOPHIA LOUISE wife of W H BARTON died March 30th 1873. Resurgam.1873D4
HAYCOCKIn loving memory of DAVID the beloved husband of ELIZABETH HAYCOCK who passed away October 9th 1949 aged 72 years.1949D4
HAYCOCKAlso ELIZABETH dear wife of DAVID who passed away February 16th 1965 aged 85 years.1965D4
HAYCOCKAlso of his beloved brother CHARLES HAYCOCK who passed away July 13th 1942 aged 80 years.1942D4
FIELDTreasured memories of ELLEN the beloved wife of JAMES FIELD who fell asleep January 4th 1939 aged 71 years. Peace perfect peace.1939C4
FIELDAlso of JAMES FIELD who fell asleep November 25th 1956 aged 89 years. Reunited.1956C4
HERONIn loving memory of SOPHIA HERON beloved wife of JAMES HERON died 9th March 1956 aged 49 years. Dearly loved mother.1956C4
HERONAnd in loving memory of JAMES RIBBICK HERON husband of SOPHIAN HERON. Born 14th March 1889 in Annan Scotland. Died 3rd December 1959 aged 70 years.1959C4
HOMERTreasured memories of HARRIET JANE the beloved wife of WILLIAM HENRY HOMER who fell asleep February 5th 1956 aged 76 years.1956C4
HOMERAlso WILLIAM HENRY beloved husband of the above who fell asleep June 9th 1968 aged 89 years.1968C4
MANDERSTreasured memories of our darling baby STANLEY WILLIAM MANDERS who fell asleep January 10th 1948 aged 16 months. A sunbeam for Jesus. Bowl inscribed STANLEY.1948
WATERSIn loving memory of ALFRED WALTER WATERS beloved husband of ETHEL. Died 5th September 1956 aged 76 years.1956C4
WATERSAlso of ETHEL MAY his beloved wife died 8th March 1962 aged 87 years.1962C4
MAPSTONEIn loving memory of EDNA MARIE MAPSTONE wife od CYRIL RAYMOND who died 20th September 1945 aged 31 years, To live in the heart of those we love is not to die.1945B4
ALLDRITTSacred to the memory of MARY ALLDRITT wife of JOHN ALLDRITT who departed this life March 6th 1834 aged 43 years. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.1834A3