Accidental Deaths

A Little Child Accidently Killed

In loving memory of ANDREW PETER SLEIGH accidently killed 8th February 1975 aged 8 years.
Jesus called a little child.

Accidently Shot

In affectionate memory of DOUGLAS WARD sixth son of the late WILLIAM WARD ESQ of Shaw Hill House who was accidentally shot on the 4th October 1858 in the 20th year of his age.

Douglas Ward was a Medical Student, he died from injuries to spine and lungs from shot from a gun accidently discharged from behind by Richard Chattock lived 4 hours.

Killed by a Horse

In affectionate remembrance of WILLIAM DUDLEY ESSINGTON son of ALBERT WARD and SARAH JANE his wife who departed this life on 29th June 1869.

Killed by a horse our dear loved son numbered with the dead
His gentle spirit once our joy hath to our Father fled
Hold him Father in thy arms and let him henceforth be
A messenger of love between our human hearts and thee.

William Dudley Essington Ward was the 9 year old son of Farmer Albert Ward. He died as a result of a fractured skull sustained when he was kicked by a horse. An inquest into his death was held on July 1st 1869.

Cut off by Accident

In loving memory of  CHARLES HENRY HAYNES who died March 4th 1882 aged 24 years. Also EDWIN HAYNES died November 28th 1882 aged 14 years. They were cut off by accident.

Charles Henry Haynes was a Plate Layer. He died on 4th March 1882 as a result of a fractured skull and lacerations to the right leg caused by accidentally coming into contact with a railway engine in a fog. He died immediately. An inquest into his death was held on March 6th 1882.

Edwin Haynes died in the General Hospital in Summer Lane Birmingham on November 28th 1882 aged 14. He worked as a Wagoner’s Boy and was the son of Plate Layer Henry Haynes. He died from complications caused by a fractured pelvis the result of being run over by a wagon and horses. An inquest into his death was held on December 1st 1882.




Killed by a Train

JOHN JOSEPH BATEMAN died April 27th 1886 aged 31 years

John Joseph Bateman was an Auctioneer and Surveyor, He died in Battle on April 27th 1886 as a result of injuries to the head caused by being accidently knocked down by a Railway Train. An inquest into his death was held in Battle on April 29th 1886.


Died 1950

In loving memory of our dear daughter PAMELA ANN GEE who died June 10th 1950 aged 5 years. Who plucketh the flowers? The Master, the gardener wept and was silent. In loving memory of our dear daughter MARGARET MURIEL MILES who died June 10th 1950 aged 5 years. Bowl inscribed Pam. Bowl inscribed Margaret.

Tragedy struck when two children were killed and one seriously injured crossing the road at the Castle Cinema. Following a parent protest a speed limit was imposed.


Died from Effects of Poison Eaten by Accident

JOSEPH RUSHTON aged 15 years and GEORGE RUSHTON aged 12 years sons of George and Ann Rushton died on 12th April 1860 from the effects of poison eaten by accident.