Flt Sgt Peter Harold Bode RAF

Flt SIMG_0814gt PETER HAROLD BODE RAF killed in action Holland September 21st 1944 aged 21 years.

Operation Market Garden – Shot at Stirling Niftrik – Hernen
September 21, 1944

Airplane pilot Azouz , a Stirling IV ( LJ810 ) of the 196th squadron rose to Keevil of at 12.00, along with 10 other planes of his squadron , and dropped about 24 containers for the troops at Arnhem. It was his fourth supply flight. After being hit by flak plane was shot by three to five German fighters of type FW 109. Azouz kept the plane in the air, all the crew except the tail gunner Peter Bode were able to escape . At 14.15 he crashed at the farm Schebbelaar between Niftrik and Hernen . Air gunner Peter Harold Bode, 21, was buried in the Catholic cemetery in Wijchen. Azouz , who was Jewish , was his final resting place on Jonkerbos . Source: www.defensie.nl/binaries/defensie/…1944/verliesregister-1944.pdf ; http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/ww2/Arnhem.html