Graveyard History

autumn challenge simplicity sliderCastle Bromwich has not always had a graveyard. In the early nineteenth century, it still formed part of the parish of Aston, and most interments took place in Aston itself. However, its population was growing, creating a demand for burial space within the village. In 1810 the Earl of Bradford donated land for a graveyard alongside the Chester Road, and a few years later the first burial took place.


The graveyard soon began to fill and it was obvious that more land was needed. Further pockets of land were donated in 1887, 1919, 1940 and 1956.


By the 1980s the graveyard was once again full, and the decision was taken to close it to new burials. Over the next few decades it became very overgrown. But, then in 2009 a community project was formed to clear the brambles and over growth and to give the graveyard a new lease of life. To date over 600 people have volunteered in its renovation and helped to create an area for contemplation and reflection.


It serves as a focus for intergenerational projects, improving understanding between people of different ages. It has presented the community with an opportunity to identify and solve its own problems. It offers opportunities to gain works experience and accredited skills which help the unemployed find jobs. It serves as a green gym allowing people to exercise and improve their mental health. It has helped refugees integrate more easily into the community by offering volunteering opportunities.